Guardian Towing can change your flat tire for you while you wait inside the car, nice & warm if its the winter time now that will be 10x easier experience than changing the spare tire yourself especially if you don’t have that much experience with it. We will even shield you with our big tow trucks so you are safe from the traffic.

If there is still any issues or if we deem the car too dangerous to continue driving, we can always tow it to the nearest tire shop and have real tires put on right away. Last thing you wanna do is put on a spare and drive long distance, leave it up to our professional flat bed towing service to give you a lift should you need one.


Locking your keys in the vehicle can be one of the more frustrating things in life, do not worry and give us a call, we have the special tools to break inside most vehicles, and we will do it at affordable rates, better prices than hiring a locksmith.

We specialize in unlocking cars & trucks as a towing company with full roadside service, we have unlocked countless cars in our day, 30 years to be exact. Our drivers are friendly and professional, most times your car will get unlocked right there on the spot and you can be well on your way.

If it needs special parts ordered to unlock the vehicle, then we can always tow it to one of our shops and give you a lift back home. Either way we will get you taken care of, wherever you need to go. This is what we do, take care of customers with their individual specific needs.